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  • How to choose the most suitable iPad 10.9?


    Along with the last quarter of 2020, Apple has released a number of new products. According to what is known and apple's website, the new iPad 10.9 in 2020 will go on sale in October.Based on past experience, the price for the new iPad 10.9 should be higher than previous generations. At the same time, some specifications have been improved accordingly. Read More
  • How does the public evaluate this iPad 10.9 2020?


    By comparing with the previous generation of products to the new 2020 10.9 iPad, the public can evaluate more objective and comprehensive. Read More
  • What Is the Configuration of iPad 10.9 2020?


    Apple will release a new iPad with a screen size of 10.9” this fall, what we called iPad 10.9. What’s the release time and what's the configuration? Let's reveal some mystery around it. Read More
  • What is the iPad 10.9 Performance you need to pay attention to?


    For the 2020 iPad 10.9, there is a relatively obvious improvement in appearance.The screen on the 2020 iPad 10.9 is neat, but not exactly the same as the screen on the iPad Pro. Its 2360 x 1640 pixel liquid retina display measures 10.9 inches diagonally and uses LED backlighting.In appearance, the lines are more robust and look more advanced.But the most significant change is the performance. Read More
  • How to choose the most suitable iPad Pro 2020?


    Which iPad is best for you? The choice is confusing: there are five models, each with mobile phone support or not, which requires an additional charge. This is before we consider storage capacity, color and second-hand alternatives.In this guide, we explored all the factors that may affect your decision to buy an new iPad pro 2020 model, and also revealed whether each device will soon release an updated version. Read More
  • What Is the Configuration of iPad 10.9 2020?


    Apple will release a new iPad with a screen size of 10.9” this fall, what we called iPad 10.9. What’s the release time and what’s the configuration? Let’s reveal some mystery around it. Read More
  • How is the pencil holder case designed?


    With the popularization of digital technology, more and more people have iPads. Of course, if you own an iPad, you will want to buy an Apple Pencil. At this time, many people are worried. Although the capacitive pen is very good, there is no place to put it, which will be very troublesome. Then came Read More
  • Advantages of 5 major keyboard case for iPad


    With the popularization of the iPad, various accessories have been produced endlessly. The most important one is the protective cover. The basic manpower is one. After all, the price of the iPad is quite high. If you accidentally fall on the ground and break it, you will need to repair it. It hurts Read More
  • Which models can be used with this trifold case?


    As science and technology develop, many people have iPad. however, the choice of iPad protective shell becomes a problem. Not all models can find their perfect protective shell. But psgcase solved the problem well. After all, its protective shell is too complete. Then, let's introduce in detail whic Read More
  • Why did the trifold case call a classic protective cover?


    A growing number of people are using iPad nowadays. However, the application of iPad protection shell is more popular. Many people who use iPad believe that trifold case is a classic style in iPad protective shell. Classic can be called classic, of course, because every performance is excellent. The Read More
  • What is the tri case design process?


    A good iPad must be equipped with a good protective shell. What we don't know, however, is that designing a protective shell is going through a lot. Like iPad classic protective shell trifold case. It is considered a lot in the design process but also improved a lot, so it can be called classic. The Read More
  • 3 Main functions of the trifold case


    When you finally have an iPad, finding a satisfactory protection package is a bother for many iPad users. Take a look at the trifold case if you haven't made up your mind yet. What's special about it is that it can be turned into an iPad bracket by different folding methods. Is the function of prote Read More
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