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How does the public evaluate this iPad 10.9 2020?

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By comparing with the previous generation of products to the new 2020 10.9 iPad, the public can evaluate more objective and comprehensive.


We will compare from 4 parts:


The 2020 10.9 iPad appearance

The 2020 10.9 iPad processor

The 2020 10.9 iPad cameras

The 2020 10.9 iPad battery


1. The 2020 10.9 iPad appearance


In terms of their size or weight, it is only when the two are put together that the difference between the two models becomes apparent. The new 2020 10.9 iPad has a width of 7 inches instead of 6.8. But is also 9.74 inches shorter than 9.8.


There are also small differences in body weight. While both weigh a pound in a Wi-Fi-only configuration, the cellular phone brings the 2019 iPad Air to 1.02 pounds, compared with 1.01 pounds for the 2020 10.9 iPad.


But if you need a ruler and a scale to determine the exact differences, you'll feel them, because the design of the 2020 10.9 iPad has changed significantly. Following the same aesthetic as the iPad Pro, 2020 10.9 iPad is flat on all sides.


The 2019 iPad Air has an increased screen size compared to previous models, ranging from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inches, bringing it in line with the latest iPad Pro. But now, the 2020 10.9 iPad has taken things a step further, with a 10.9-inch screen.


The extra size does not come at the expense of reduced resolution. At 2,360 x 1,640 pixels in 2020 10.9 iPad(compared with the 2019 model, 2224 x 1668), it retains the same clear 264 pixels per inch.


As a result, you can get significant screen benefits, even if not significantly larger screens. As you can see in the 11-inch iPad Pro, the new screen is also Liquid Retina.

However, everything else about the display remains the same. From its 500 nits brightness to its true hue and wide color (P3) support.



2. The 2020 10.9 iPad processor


That's because the 2019 iPad Air comes with the A12 Bionic. It combines two high-performance kernels and four energy-efficient kernels, as well as a four-core graphics processing unit and an eight-core neural engine. So this is not meaningless.

However, the 2020 10.9 iPad has an A14 Bionic processor, two generations faster than the previous model.


3. The 2020 10.9 iPad cameras


The front camera of the 2020 10.9 iPad maintains the same 7 megapixel quality as previous models, which is a bit of a shame. No doubt this was done for cost reasons rather than production reasons, as the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max include a 12-megapixel front-facing camera.


But the 2020 iPad Air does score higher on the rear camera than the 2019 model. That's 12 megapixels compared to 8 megapixels in earlier models.


In addition to improving image quality, the improved camera also benefits video. The 2019 iPad Air can record video at 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, while the 2020 10.9 iPad can record video in 4K at 24, 30, or 60Fps.


4. The 2020 10.9 iPad battery


Again, we won't really know until we can fully test the new iPad Air. But Apple claims that even if the 2020 10.9 iPad must power a slightly larger display, the battery life of the two models will not be different.


The biggest difference, though, is how to charge these iPad Air models. Since 2012, the 2019 model has the same Lightning port that Apple uses on devices.


The 2020 10.9 iPad can be said to lead the development of iPad Pro by switching to USB-C. The term covers a number of different possibilities, but for iPad Air users, the advantage is faster charging.


While Apple dropped one connector for USB-C, the familiar Lightning cable, the new iPad Air retains another. The 2020 10.9 iPad has the same smart connector, which means it can use compatible accessories such as Apple's smart keyboard.


After those 4 parts compare, you may have a clear awareness of the public evaluation of the 2020 10.9 iPad. If you want to know any information about Apple products like iPad Pro 12.9 Case, iPad Pro 11 case or the relevant accessories, please connect us.

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