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Which models can be used with this trifold case?

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As science and technology develop, many people have iPad. however, the choice of iPad protective shell becomes a problem. Not all models can find their perfect protective shell. But psgcase solved the problem well. After all, its protective shell is too complete. Then, let's introduce in detail which models can be used with this trifold case?


Here is the content list:

iPad for all models

iPad of all colors


iPad for all models

You can't imagine a merchant to do the iPad trifold case model so detailed. But actually, they did it, too. They sample the mold for each iPad model. Then design the trifold case for the iPad. The iPad Pro cameras, for example, are extremely prominent and vulnerable. Of course, they thicken the rear shell to even slightly higher with the camera. This works great to protect the camera. In addition, there is a button control. no one hole will not match this iPad model. Furthermore, compared with many heavy iPad protective shells, it undoubtedly makes rational use of space. For the sake of support iPad, many protective shells abandoned their space proportion problem. Most of their rear shells are very bulky and occupy the place. No matter under any circumstances, a trifold case can bear the iPad weight of each model, do not worry about which model is too large or too heavy to support. All you have to do is fold well according to the creases and you will be able to support the iPad. And for either model there are two folding methods and angles. The height of the folding bracket is also different in the two different folding methods. When you extend the opening of the cover to both sides, a 4 5 degree bracket forms. When you flatten the protective pack and fold the extension cable, a 22 degrees bracket will be born. These two heights meet different needs. When you need to use the iPad to chase the game. You can adjust to the line of view. When you go online for class hours, you can turn on the iPad camera and get your face completely into this angle, and then you can listen carefully.


iPad of all colors

However, about color, we all know that iPad has many different colors. And psgcase also designed different color trifold case for them. It meets the iPad itself in color while being pleasing to the eye. Or you can also try some special contrast colors. Light blue iPad with a pink trifold case, or black iPad with a yellow trifold case. It also looks too. Each color is carefully designed, random collocation will not go wrong. Also very friendly for people who don't understand col our matching.


After reading these, I believe you know the iPad model for the trifold case. For psgcase, no iPad can not find its the trifold case. Go quickly and buy a new trifold case for your iPad.

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