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3 Main functions of the trifold case

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When you finally have an iPad, finding a satisfactory protection package is a bother for many iPad users. Take a look at the trifold case if you haven't made up your mind yet. What's special about it is that it can be turned into an iPad bracket by different folding methods. Is the function of protection and support very special? Then, let's introduce in detail 3 Main functions of the trifold case.


Here is the content list:

Adjustable angle

No space

Convenient and convenient


Adjustable angle

A lot of people who see trifold cases will be very confused, how should this be used? Simple, just fold it according to the crease of the front shell. And it has two folding methods and angles. Two different folding methods to fold out the height of the bracket are also different. When you stretch the opening of the cover to both sides, a 45-degree bracket is formed. When you flatten the protection package and fold the extension cable, a 22 degree bracket is born. The two heights meet different needs. when you need to use an iPad to watch the drama. You can adjust to the angle of the line of sight. And when you are online, you can turn to the iPad camera to fully enter your face into the angle, and then you can listen attentively.


No space

Compared with many heavy iPad protective shells, one of its advantages is undoubtedly no space. For the purpose of supporting the iPad, many protective shells give up their own spatial specific gravity problem. Most of their rear shells are very bulky and occupy the place. However, by comparison, the trifold case is very small. and it is no different from the normal iPad protective shell in the proportion of space. Almost the same appearance and shape, but more than a function. Why not do it? And even if it is folded up, it only takes up a little space.


Convenient and convenient

 If you have this trifold case, you don't have to worry about trouble. A lot of times to take an iPad out of trouble. And it is very occupied, can not be carried with you. At this time it is very troublesome to tilt the iPad. And leaning iPad against other objects can not adjust the angle and easy to fall. With a trifold case, anytime, anywhere, as long as you want to erect the iPad, you can erect it. This can liberate your hands in time, is really the most convenient.


After reading this, I believe you already know the function of the trifold case. However, the choice of a good quality trifold case is a problem. After all, there are a lot of inferior products on the market now. There is a variety of big-name iPad on the market shell is not uncommon, but I still feel folding shell is very creative. Buy it without making mistakes. The heart is better than action, hurry to buy and try it.

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