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How to choose the most suitable iPad 10.9?

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Along with the last quarter of 2020, Apple has released a number of new products. According to what is known and apple's website, the new iPad 10.9 in 2020 will go on sale in October.Based on past experience, the price for the new iPad 10.9 should be higher than previous generations. At the same time, some specifications have been improved accordingly.


We will share our opinion on how to choose the most suitable iPad 10.9 in two sections:


The information for the new iPad 10.9 basic model and parameters

The new technologies and differences in the new iPad 10.9


1. The information for the new iPad 10.9 basic model and parameters


From the information you can already see, the new iPad 10.9 comes in different sizes in terms of storage and networking. The storage is divided into 64GB and 256G, and the network is divided into the Wi-Fi version and Wi-Fi + cellular version. There can be four different versions combined.


And the new iPad 10.9 comes in five colors: Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue. Those color all looks luxury and pretty.


2. The new technologies and changes in the new iPad 10.9


The new iPad 10.9 has flat edges, a full-screen display, a single rear camera, and some tiny edge buttons - it looks a lot like the iPad Pro, a change from the previous iPad Air, which looked like a big, entry-level version. Level panel with large border and physical front button.


The new iPad 10.9 screen uses Liquid Retina display technology, which is a delicate form of LCD. It has a resolution of 2360 x 1640 and a span of 10.9 inches, which is not as large as the iPad Pro model because the tablet's minimum size is 11 inches. There are also many features in the new iPad 10.9 that can improve the visual effect, such as Apple's True Tone display technology, which subtly tweaks the display to suit your environment.


Because of the new designed for the new iPad 10.9, finding a good new iPad 10.9 case will help you keep your new iPad 10.9. Take care of your iPad by case, or you may have to pay a lot.


The new iPad 10.9 is the first Apple tablet to have a fingerprint sensor built into the side button, which is an interesting move for Apple. Other parts of the company have a fingerprint sensor built into the front home button, but we've never seen Apple's side scanner before.


Like the iPad Pro model, there is a USB-C port in the new iPad 10.9 that should charge and send data faster, and it will be welcomed by professionals who want to plug an external monitor or hard drive into a tablet.


The new iPad 10.9 works with the Magic Keyboard and the second-generation Apple Pencil, making it the first tablet outside the Apple Pro series to use the new stylus. It is magnetically attached to the top of the tablet for storage and charging.


Now you have seen the basic model and parameters, new technologies, and changes about the new iPad 10.9. Know more information about the other apple product like iPad Pro/Air 10.5 Case, iPad Pro 12.9 Case, or you want to know the first-hand news, please connect us. 

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