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Do you know what the iPad 10.9 2020 Configuration is?

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You must want to know the configuration for the iPad Air 4 10.9. And you can’t wait to compare with the previous version and other apple products to choose which one you want to buy.


In this article, we will help you to compare the previous iPad air version with the iPad Air 4 10.9. Let you have an impersonally choose.


The main points we will talk as follow:

iPad Air 4 10.9 Processor

iPad Air 4 with 10.9 Screen

iPad Air 4 Speaker

iPad Air 4 10.9 Charge port

iPad Air 4 Software


1.iPad air 4 10.9 Processor


The previous iPad air was published in 2019, with an A12 processor. In the new iPad Air 4 10.9, the processor is A14. There is 2 generations gap.


The A14 uses a 5 nm process and the A12 uses the 7nm process. That is a huge change. The performance has increased a lot. Makes the iPad air 4 10.9 40% better than the Air 3. Air 4 also improves graphics processing speed by 30%. Apple also noted that the iPad Air 4 will include a faster neural engine and vastly improved machine learning capabilities.


2.iPad air 4 with 10.9 Screen


The screen also has a big innovation. The iPad Air 4 has a 10.9 inch screen, bigger than the 10.5 inch screen that the last version has.


This screen includes some new technologies.


First is the all screen design. The home button is canceled.


3.iPad air 4 Speaker


The new 2020 iPad air 4 10.9 will once again have two speakers, but this time they are on opposite sides of the tablet. Thus, when viewing the content in landscape mode, the user gets a true stereo effect. On previous models, two speakers were on the right side of the tablet but were still on the budget for the iPad.


4.iPad air 4 10.9 Charge port


Another notable change, which we had expected from the rumors, was that the iPad air 4 10.9 would come with a USB Type-C port instead of Lightning. This port will allow data transfers of up to 5 gigabits per second (10 times faster than previous Air models) and support up to 4K resolution cameras, external drives, and external monitors.


5.iPad air 4 Software


The iPad air 4 10.9will run the iPadOS 14 at launch and will come with many usability updates. Most notably, the second generation Apple Pencil, supported by the new iPad Air, will be even more useful in Scribble. Scribble is a feature of the iPadOS 14 that allows users to use the Apple Pencil to write in any text field without having to switch between it and the screen (or physical) keyboard.


Safari in iPad air 4 10.9 will now be able to translate websites into seven different languages. Safari will also get enhanced privacy features, including checking for weak user passwords.


The iPad's home screen will feature redesigned widgets in the Today View, which will now make better use of the tablet's larger display to display more information. Widgets can be better organized with the new "smart stack" option, which stacks multiple different widgets in one space and even USES the intelligence on the device to show you the right widget at the right time.


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