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About the 3 major functions of the new iPad Air 4 10.9

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On September 16 2020, Apple officially announced the latest iPad Air model - iPad Air 4 10.9. This iPad Air 4 10.9 has a huge update compared to the last version, the latest A14 processor, a 10.9 inch screen, the cancel to the home button.


But we do not analytic those iPad Air 4 10.9 features here. Because they are so well known, every media and people talk about frequently. In this post, we'll talk about some of the key features of the iPad Air 4 10.9 as a productivity tool.


Those features will be explained as follow:


The iPad Air 4 10.9 adapt to the newest generation apple pencil

The new USB - C port that used in iPad Air 4 10.9

The touch ID for iPad Air 4 10.9


1. The iPad Air 4 10.9 adapt to the newest generation apple pencil


The experience of input is an important part of a productivity tool. Compared to the previous iPad Air, the new iPad Air 4 10.9 comes with the latest apple pencil and keyboard.


Now the apple pencil has two generations, the first generation, and the second generation that can be used with iPad Air 4 10.9. Talk about the grip feeling, the newest apple pencil is better than the previous generation. Whether the anti-slip or center of gravity, the new apple pencil all win.


The newest apple pencil that can be used in iPad Air 4 10.9 has a double-click button for switching the pattern, pencil or rubber, in some software.


And the most important part is the way how the apple pencil charged. The first generation needs to be charged through the charging port at the end, which is the biggest difference in my opinion. Magnetic charging is so convenient!


There is no doubt that the second generation is much better.


2. The new USB - C port that used in iPad Air 4 10.9


Usually, the apple products prefer to use their own interfaces like the old 30 pin port or the lighting port.

It will be difficult to transfer the files if you have an android or windows equipment.


And also, you don’t wanna carry a lot of charging lines when you need to do your business outside the office.


But now the iPad Air 4 10.9 use the USB - C port, it solves all the problems of the past.


It will be more convenient when you need to transfer the files between the iPad Air 4 10.9 and android equipment.


And if you have an iPad Air 4 10.9, you don’t need to carry a lot of charging line with.


3. The touch ID for iPad Air 4 10.9


The most significant change in iPad Air 4 10.9 was the biological recognition change, with Touch ID moved from the now-defunct home button to the power button at the top.


Because of the full-screen design in iPad Air 4 10.9, so it got rid of the 'home' button on the chin and had to find another location for the Touch ID sensor. The answer is the power button.


According to the information from Apple, this iPad Air 4 10.9 touch ID power button must sensitive enough to capture data quickly during the user's fingerprinting process, and it will adapt over time to collect fingerprints more widely. Therefore, no matter how the user touches it with his finger, it can capture the specific part of the fingerprint information for matching.


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