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iPad Pro11 2020 Configuration information and price you need to know

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After nearly two years, Apple has finally updated the iPad Pro to iPad Pro 11 2020. But you can't just look at the iPad Pro 11 2020 design, because its design stays pretty much the same.


In this article I will share the information as follow:


  • The iPad Pro 11 2020 basic information and price

  • IPad Pro 11 2020 user experience


1. The iPad Pro 11 2020 basic information and price


Below the surface, however, you'll notice that it does offer some notable upgrades: dual camera sensors, LiDAR scanners for augmented reality applications, trackpad support, and faster performance thanks to the new A12Z Bionic chipset.


Like last year's version, it comes in two sizes: iPad Pro 11 2020 (starting at $799 for 128GB) and iPad Pro 12.9 2020 (starting at $999 for 128GB). But if you don't want to use it as a tablet, you'll have to buy some extra expensive accessories. In this article we will mainly talk about the iPad Pro 11 2020


To use the iPad Pro 11 2020 as my daily driver, I had to install the Smart Keyboard Folio ($199), Apple Pencil ($99), and The Magic Trackpad ($149). All of this adds $447 to the overall iPad Pro 11 2020 cost, which isn't cheap. The price of all is the same as the price of the Macbook, or even more expensive.


2.iPad Pro 11 2020 user experience


When I use iPad Pro 11 2020 during the week to write stories, send emails, and edit videos for work, on weekends, I use it to stream TV shows, read e-books, even play some games, and so on.


The iPad Pro 11 2020 experience is not so different from using a laptop, I can just hold it, which is more comfortable compared to a laptop.


But my daily activities don't really go beyond that. Like this, I rarely think about taking photos with the iPad Pro 11 2020 unless I test it.


And even though the iPad Pro 11 2020 LiDAR scanner helps make augmented reality applications easier and faster to use, I don't use augmented reality every day. Or, really, at this point. However, advertising materials and developers will obviously use a different approach.


While the iPad Pro 11 2020 can replace your laptop on the strength of its fast performance and all-day battery life alone, I've come to the conclusion that without a universal keyboard, it's really just an expensive tablet.


Seeing that Apple has given the 2018 iPad Pro a complete makeover, the company's decision to stick with the same design nearly two years later isn't surprising.


The iPad Pro 11 2020 uses the same aluminum structure as its predecessor and comes in either deep space gray or silver.


The iPad Pro 11 2020 has a four-speaker setup, with two speakers at the top and two at the bottom, giving it a loud sound even at low volumes.


The iPad Pro 11 2020 also has a total of five microphones (the iPad Pro 2018 has four), which Apple calls "studio quality."I only tested the microphone once to record the podcast, and the audio sounded dull. When recording audio, I prefer to connect the USB microphone to iPad Pro 11 2020.


There's also a USB-C port on the bottom of iPad Pro 11 2020 and an Apple Pencil magnetic connector on the right of iPad Pro 11 2020.


The iPad Pro 11 2020. It weighs just over a pound and is extremely light. But sometimes the size feels too clunky, especially when I'm using it to read e-books or take photos.


The iPad Pro 11 2020's screen still retains the Liquid Retina display. But unlike the 2018 model, it comes with True Tone -- meaning it measures ambient light around you and then adjusts the brightness of the display.


This is especially useful when I work at the kitchen window, where sunlight hits the screen. Instead of manually changing the brightness, the iPad Pro 11 2020 did it automatically for me.


The iPad Pro 11 2020 has a TrueDepth camera at the top of its display for selfies and video calls. The same camera system as on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. This means you can take advantage of features like face recognition, Portrait mode, Animoji, Memoji, and so on.


The iPad Pro 11 2020 front-facing camera has better sharpness than the grainy 720P camera on the new MacBook Air. It also requires some impressive selfies.


I'm not sure how many of you use the iPad Pro 11 2020 for selfies, but for FaceTime and video calls, it's a lot better than the cameras you can find on a MacBook Pro or Air.


My current iPad Pro 11 2020 usage experience has been mentioned above. I'm still experiencing it. If you would like to know more about the iPad case and the iPad folio case, please contact us. We can also provide apple products accessories for choice.

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