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Which models can the keyboard Case match?

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The iPad Bluetooth keyboard case is a multi-functional product. With it, the iPad can become productive in seconds like a MacBook and can be used freely for writing documents, office, chatting, etc. The price of the iPad is quite high, and it accidentally falls on the ground. If it broke, the repair cost was painful. Many protective cases can be used as a stand and pen tray in addition to protecting the iPad. Now there is a protective cover keyboard. The keyboard and the protective cover are integrated to increase portability.! However, the choice of iPad protective case has become a problem. Not all models can find their perfect protective case. Let us introduce in detail which models are available for the keyboard case.

This is the content list

Suitable for all models of iPad

Suitable for iPads of various colors

Suitable for all models of iPad

You can't imagine that a business will make such a detailed iPad keyboard case model, but in fact, they have done it too. They sample molds for each iPad model. Then design a keyboard case for the iPad. Take the iPad Pro cameras as an example. They are extremely prominent and vulnerable. Of course, they will make the camera's rear case thicker or even higher. This can protect the camera well. In addition, there is a button control. No holes will not match this iPad model. Moreover, compared with many bulky iPad protective cases, it can undoubtedly make reasonable use of space. To support the iPad, many protective cases give up their space ratio issues. Most of their backshells are bulky and occupy the entire space. In any case, the keyboard case can bear the weight of each model of iPad, don’t worry about which model is too large or too heavy to support. The keyboard protective cover, in addition to protecting the iPad from being broken, can also be used as a keyboard. The protective cover is supported and the keyboard is opened to become a simple temporary office scene. You can also watch it while watching movies or chasing dramas. Chatting is just as convenient as a laptop. When you go out, close the lid and pack it into your backpack to travel lightly.

Suitable for iPads of various colors

However, regarding colors, we all know that the iPad has many different colors. psgcase also designed keyboard cases in different colors and patterns for them. It meets the iPad itself in color and is pleasing to the eye at the same time. Or you can also try some special contrasting colors. Light blue iPad (with pink keyboard case) or black iPad (with keyboard case). It also looks the same. Each color has been carefully designed, and random collocation will not go wrong. It’s also very friendly to people who don’t know our matches.

If you want to buy a keyboard case, you can consider our cost-effective products. Dongguan PSG Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a leading manufacturer of protective cases. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of high-quality protective cases for iPad, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Kindle. Our main products are high-quality smart iPad protective cases, Ipad shells with brackets, aluminum Ipad shells, etc.

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