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Which iPhone Accessories Are worth Buying

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When it comes to phones, one of the most popular is undoubtedly the iPhone.

Manufactured by Apple, the iPhone is one of the most iconic products of the present times.

And this is true regardless of model or design; one can easily see the reality every time a new model is announced by Apple, by checking the lines at the entrance of Apple stores the day a new release has been announced.


But that’s just the beginning of the story …

iPhones are a hot commodity unto itself. But at the same time, there is another subject worth mentioning; iPhone accessories.

iPhone accessories have become a hit unto itself, with every single product being hotly debated over, regarding their value, functionality, pros, cons and everything in between.

And that’s what it all comes down to in this article, which knows which iPhone accessories are worth buying. In other words, should you buy all of the accessories that have been released by Apples? Or would you be better off with buying only a few of them, while ignoring the rest?

Simply put, what should you be on the lookout for, when you go shopping for iPhone accessories?

There is no specific answer to this question, for there are many views on the subject. Mentioned in the list below is a good starting point for you to get started with …


1.) Protective Case  

If there is one accessory that is a must for almost anyone, it would be that of a protective case.

And this is for good reason.

Almost all of us have a tendency to drop our phones from time to time. And while not all falls are bad, some of them can be. Some of the drops result in nothing more than a few scratches, while others can cause everything from a shattered screen to a completely bricked handset.

This makes it very much necessary for one to have their iPhone in a protective case at all times. While the exact nature of the material can vary, the fact remains that a protective case would be one of the most important accessories, more than anything else.


2.) Adapters & Cables

This is a given for almost all handset and indeed, other gadgets in general.

Since everything runs on electricity, it is undeniable that you will need to have the right adapter and cable at all times.

When it comes to these accessories, there is usually a temptation to undercut and purchase those made by third parties rather than Apple itself. This is but a big mistake, for it is always a good idea to buy at least the adapter from the manufacturer, rather than a third party.


3.) Headphones & Headsets  

Almost all of us love music. Then again, you might want to talk to people without holding the phone in our hand.

This is where the headphones and headsets come into the picture.

The exact nature of the accessories will certainly vary. The headphones, for example, may be wired or wireless. But they are by their very nature, very much essential to a lot of people.


4.) Speakers

Speakers are a great thing to have, especially if you happen to be at any important event or would like to have a party.

This is because the built in speaker isn’t really as effective in playing something out loud. Sure, it has a loud volume, but it does come with an upper limit.

A speaker can help you to achieve a higher level of sound that you ever could use the built in speakers of an iPhone.

Also interesting here is that, depending on the brand, you do have the option for waterproof speakers as you’ll. They are especially great, if you happen to be into pool parties, where there is a tendency for the hardware to get youth. Then again, it might just be for you to play in the bathroom when you are having a shower or brushing your teeth in the morning as you’ll.


5.) Power Bank

As much as technology may have evolved, one thing that has not evolved much is that of battery life.

It is a common complaint among many people that the batteries of their gadgets tend to get over within a very short period of time> And there is a reason for this. The reason is because modern gadgets have a variety of functions built into them, which require a steady source of power. This can lead to the battery getting drained within a very short period of time.

In most of the cases, this isn’t really that much of a problem, for you can always have the phone plugged in for a recharge. But it’s not always that you will have that option. In some cases, such as during travel, or even at work, there may be a lack of charging points, making it necessary to have a backup of some sort.

This is where power banks come into the picture. Power banks, in general, are a great way to get around the issue of power shortage on the go. They are often calculated in ‘mAh’, which is a reference to the energy capacity that they contain, with higher mAh power banks containing a higher capacity to store energy.

Do note that these tend to be very fragile, especially in the case of impact. They are made using lithium in most cases, which makes them have a tendency to explode when handled incorrectly. It is just one of the drawbacks that almost all power banks have. This is however, not really that big of a concern, as long as you handle it with proper care. So long as you don’t drop them or subject them to any kind of impact, you will do fine.

The exact nature of the power bank can vary in terms of design, color, storage capacity, etc. The exact one you go for will depend on whatever you feel is the most important feature to you.


It should be noted that there are indeed many other accessories to go for as well, when it comes to the iPhone.

The marketplace abounds with several different products, making the selection process quite a challenge unto itself.



As a whole, these are the most important iPhone accessories that are worth buying.

There are indeed others as you’ll that are available in the market. Whether you need to buy them or not will ultimately depend on your own needs and wants.

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