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What are the uses of the iPad keyboard?

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Now the new iPad is able to use the magic keyboard. And there are some kinds of iPad keyboards build inside the iPad case. The iPad keyboard usages are almost the same but have a slight difference. We will combine the usages and the way to choose, hope you enjoy it.


Talk about the usages and the way to choose, this article will include such parts:


  • Is the iPad keyboard always on or removable?

  • IPad keyboard portability vs. iPad keyboard usability

  • IPad keyboard typing experience

  • Which iPad do you have?


Before introducing the various types of iPad keyboards and recommended models, here are some things to consider when shopping.


1. Is it always on or removable?


If you often need a physical keyboard while using the iPad, the built-in iPad keyboard will be handy because you'll always have it with you. But if you don't use an external keyboard often or just enjoy the freedom of using the iPad for non-typing tasks, you may find the awkward, open-type iPad keyboard case troublesome because it's hard to unload. The keyboard shell described below is a good compromise, with a standalone keyboard offering maximum flexibility.


2. IPad keyboard portability vs. iPad keyboard usability


In addition to the standalone size, the iPad keyboard involves a usability tradeoff. The thinner the iPad keyboard, the thinner the case, but the harder the keys feel. The smaller the iPad keyboard, the more portable it is, but the more crowded the keys are, or the more keys you may find in the wrong size or position. Freestyling iPad keyboards, on the other hand, tend to be larger and not all-in-one, but usually provide a standard sense and size of keys, a standard key layout, and a more similar desktop iPad keyboard experience for typing. You need to decide what trade-offs to make in the name of portability (especially if you're a touch typist) and check them out when you shop. If you can get a written hands-on test, it will be very valuable.


The iPad keyboard is a compromise exercise. You need to determine the compromise that works best for you.


3. IPad keyboard typing experience

While many iPad keyboards offer interesting features, dramatic designs, or small footprint, they vary greatly when it comes to typing. In making specific recommendations, we focus on the iPad keyboard typing experience: not if the keyboard doesn't significantly improve typing efficiency compared to the iPad's on-screen keyboard. Again, our advice is biased in some ways towards touch typists, so a particularly narrow iPad keyboard or one with keys organized in a non-standard layout would have to be very impressive to get my advice. 


By the way, there can be a lot of overlap between touch typists and people who need a physical iPad keyboard, so we are pretty confident that our approach is right.


4. Which iPad do you have?


Not so long ago, it was easy to determine which iPad keyboard case was right for your iPad: if you had the original iPad, you needed an old accessory designed specifically for that model. Otherwise, you'll need a newer iPad keyboard case for the second, third, or fourth-generation iPad.


Today, you can still find a few iPad keyboards for the original iPad, but most are for iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, or iPad Mini. If you're buying a iPad keyboard case (and not a standalone keyboard for any iPad), make sure you find the right keyboard case for the iPad. To help you out, we have suggested which iPad keyboard case fits which full-size iPad; If you are looking for a iPad keyboard for the iPad Mini, the mini will be covered separately at the end of this guide.


Go ahead and do everything in a way that suits you perfectly.


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