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What are the advantages of ipad compared to other tablets?

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Apple is one of the hottest brands around, when it comes to technology.

Ever since the company was launched in California by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it has become one of the most sought after brands in the world.


The company is known for several different products, namely, the iphone, ipod, imac and last but not the least, the ipad.

The ipad is in simple words, a tablet manufactured by Apple. Launched about a decade ago by the company, it is one of the most well known tablet brands in the world.


Of the many different brands that are available, the ipad is perhaps one of the most recognizable in the world.

Made famous for its features and brand appeal, it is a very popular commodity in the tech world, with fans from all over the world.


This brings us to one important question, which is regarding what makes the Apple ipad a better choice over the other companies in the marketplace.

After all, there are plenty of players in the market to choose from. It is not like Apple is the only company in the tablet business. A simple visit to your local electronic store is more than enough to be spoiled for choice, with regard to the number of brands on sale.


So then, what makes the ipad a much better choice for a tablet in comparison to any other tablet in the market?

The answer to this question is not so specific. In other words, there is no specific reason as to why the ipad is a much better choice. It is because there are several different reasons why the ipad makes for a better tablet, in comparison to any other product in the market.

There are several advantages that the ipad has, in comparison to other tablets.

Given in the list below are some of the most important advantages of buying an ipad over other tablets.


1.) The Operating System

One of the biggest advantages of the iPad is its operating system.

The iOS is one of the most secure operating systems in the world, due to the fact that it isn’t open source. Unlike Android, which is widely used, the iOS is very strictly regulated and controlled.

What this means for the user is that there is a less likely chance of the device having bugs, malfunctions and so on. In other words, the iOS is generally far more stable in comparison to say, Android, because of the strict way in which its development is regulated.


2.) Affordable Pricing

Does this sound hard for you to believe?

Well, that’s the truth. The fact is that many of the tablets in the marketplace are actually more expensive than your ipad.

While many tablets are priced well over $200, you have ipads being sold for anywhere from $100 to $120.


3.) Advanced Technology

If there is one thing that Apple is well known for, it’s the emphasis that it gives to product development.

It is for this reason why Apple has become one of the most well known and famous brands in the world. The amount of money and attention to detail it gives to its technology is simply amazing.

And the results can be clearly observed whenever you buy an Apple product. From the iphone to the ipad and everything in between, the technology is one of the best in the entire world.


4.) The iPad Screen

Owing to the high level of development and advancement, the ipad allows you to make great use of every last bit of the screen.

With your average iPad being larger than most tablets around, you can expect to have an amazing user experience.

Due to the level of support currently available for Apple, most companies have made apps specifically suited to the unique need of the larger screen size.

This is something that is clearly in contrast to the smaller screens that you can find on say, android tablets.


5.) AirPrint

The AirPrint is an excellent print feature that you can use on your ipad to connect to your printer with ease.

Without any hassles or confusion, you can have your printouts created in a very short period of time, when you use the AirPrint.

While there is a fairly similar equivalent option in Google, called ‘Cloud Printing’, it doesn’t really come close to AirPrint in terms of features and functionality.


6.) AirPlay

This is another amazing feature currently available on the iPad.

The AirPlay provides users with the option to connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones without any hassles.

So whether you are listening to music or the local news, you can expect to connect with ease.


7.) AirDrop

This is a one of the best feature of the iPad for those who have a need for sharing documents.

With the AirDrop, get set to share any important document you have eon your iPad in a secure an encrypted format. With ease of connection and simplicity, this is one of the best ways to rapidly transfer files from your iPad.


8.) Advantage of Exclusive Apps

Another very important advantage of the ipad is that of exclusive apps.

Given that Apple’s products are one of the most well known and important products in the marketplace, there are a whole bunch of apps that you can get almost nowhere else.

Downloadable from the official Apple iStore as well as developer websites, you can expect to enjoy apps that you could never have used on other devices.


9.) Safety from Malware Attacks

Last but not the least; the iOS is fairly secure and rugged software like no other.

As a result of the immense development, oversight and attention to detail, the iOS is today one of the most secure system around.

Also, the market share of the iOS is relatively less in comparison to Android. This has led to the majority of the virus programs being written for the Android OS, rather than the iOS.

What this means for the average iOS user is that there is a lesser chance of malware attacks in comparison to other operating systems.



It should be noted that these are some of the most important advantages that an ipad has, in comparison to any other tablet in the marketplace. The list is fairly general, and the exact advantages and disadvantages that you perceive, will depend on your own needs and desires.


In all, the ipad is an excellent tablet to go for, if you happen to be searching the market for an excellent pick.

From stunning looks to an array of features, this is one tablet that you will surely enjoy having in your life.

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