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The origin of the design of the keyboard case for iPad

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If you want the keyboard to connect to your iPad most of the time, you must use the iPad keyboard case. It can be used anytime anywhere. The only thing you need to consider is if you upgrade your iPad, you may need to buy a new keyboard case. 


In this article, the iPad case will be introduced in 2 parts:


  • The designed point of the iPad keyboard case

  • How to pick the iPad keyboard case


1. The designed point of the iPad case


The iPad Pro never had many keyboard cases, nor did the latest model. But based on what we've learned about the iPad keyboard since the first iPad was released in 2010, we can conclude that the iPad Pro keyboard case should be correct:


  • Good typing experience:


- Standard keyboard layout

- Small size or narrow quality keys, travel distance is moderate, typing feel very good

- The buttons with backlit and dedicated iPadOS have a plus sign function but are not required


  • Good enough protection for daily use

  • Not too bulky, you don't want to use it

  • Easy to remove when not needed

  • You can sit on your lap

  • At least one good perspective, preferably several

  • Long battery life

  • Space for the Apple Pencil: The second-generation Apple Pencil is magnetically connected to the right edge of the iPad Pro for syncing and charging, which is also where the pens are stored, so the keyboard case must be accessible.

  • A reputable brand: Keyboards have lots of moving parts, and cheap keyboards tend to have reliability issues, so we prefer branded keyboards, which are known for good customer support.


Longer sessions are important for feeling good about the overall typing experience, while quick keystrokes are important for looking at each keyboard case and facilitating the "pull out iPad, do something and put it away" task. Many iPad owners find themselves doing this over and over again throughout the day. Sometimes, a bad keyboard case typing experience can ruin a great overall design; Sometimes a good keyboard can be hampered by a poorly designed case or bracket, making it a hassle to use.


2. How to pick the iPad keyboard case


The first thing you need to consider when buying a keyboard case is whether it is iPad compatible. 


Consider the size of the keyboard case you want. In most cases, the iPad doesn't add much size or volume, but there are size differences between models.


In any keyboard case, there is a basic purpose protect your electronic devices from sharp edges, hard surfaces, and external dangerous liquids. So pay attention to the design of the iPad keyboard case when making your choice.


The most important feature of any keyboard case is the keyboard itself. Keyboard designs vary widely. Since typing is a matter of personal preference and comfort, think about what you want from the keyboard in terms of size, arrangement, and keystroke feel.


Many keyboards are made of continuous rubber sheets with no Spaces between the keys. On the plus side, this reduces the weight of the case and makes it splash proof. On the downside, they don't have the familiar click sound, and the keystrokes can be more subtle, leaving you guessing whether the right keys have been pressed. For some people, a keyboard case with separate keys may be the only option. They still won't have the clicking sound of a regular keyboard, but they can provide a more laptop-like experience.


We produce the iPad keyboard case, and we supply the best keyboard case. If you have any questions or want to buy the keyboard case or iPad folio case, please contact us.

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