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How to use pencil holder cases?

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A lot of people have iPad these days. However, the iPad is relatively fragile and requires the use of protective covers to protect it. But people who can't use it will feel very troublesome and inconvenient. Some people are very confused, iPad the use of protective cover. Then, let's introduce in detail how to use a pencil holder case?


iPad Protection

Basically, all iPad pencil holder cases are very resistant to fall, which is the original intention of designing this protective cover. All you need to do is gently cover the pencil holder case on the iPad. This operation is very simple and easy to understand. As long as you put it on, it will protect your iPad very well. But be careful when you put it up and take it down, remember to be gentle, or you will hit iPad.


Apple pencil storage

Some iPad pencil holder cases are designed specifically for users with Apple pencil. A pencil slot case is designed directly above the iPad. All you need to do is insert it into the pencil slot case when the Apple pencil is not in use. And inductive adsorption, very easy. At the same time, it can charge Apple pencil directly. In this way, the annoyance of some users who own the Apple Pencil is solved. Most of the time, they thought it was too much trouble to put the Apple Pencil alone. Not only are they often lost, but they wear out easily in your bag or hand.


Lift the wake

iPad the front shell of the pencil holder case can be opened. While lifting the front shell, the iPad can sense and automatically wake the iPad. up This way is very convenient, but also can improve the user experience. This way you don't need to lift a heavy iPad or touch the screen every time.


Switching angle

iPad is very heavy, the average person will not always hold with the hand, this will be very tiring. If you have an iPad pencil holder case at this time, it's good. Its front shell can be folded, folded at the same time can form a supporting triangle. And this triangle can also switch angles, more convenient for users to adjust the angle of the iPad. Sometimes you watch TV series, you can adjust the tablet to the line of sight. And when you have an online class, you can adjust the angle that the camera can enter your face. This is easy and convenient.


I believe a lot of people will feel that the iPad protective cover is very convenient. As long as you can master the correct use of it, I believe it will be very comfortable. If it were psgcase, of course, it would be better because its pencil holder cases are of good quality. With it, you don't have to worry about it at all, just let go and play.

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