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How to clean iPad case with pencil holder?

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As the iPad grows in popularity, so does the need for an iPad case. Almost everyone who owns an iPad will buy a pencil holder case. And its daily care and cleaning is also a problem. After all, it is impossible to replace it once it is dirty, and the cost is not small. Then, let's introduce in detail how to clean an iPad case with a pencil holder?

Daily care

First of all, to have a clean iPad case, you need to pay a lot of attention. First, the iPad should not be placed in places that are easily contaminated, such as on the dining table and tea table. Second, remember to put it away when you don't use it. Otherwise, if you put it by your side, you may get dirty. Usually, if there is a stain on the pencil holder case, it must be wiped in time. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to deal with after a long time, and it will be difficult to stick to it.


Simple wipe

Some stains can be easily removed after a little long time or not cleaned up at that time. But it doesn't have to be water. Sometimes alcohol is needed. After all, alcohol has a strong cleaning power, and many stains can be easily removed. For example, a marker can't be wiped off with clean water, but it's very easy to mix it with alcohol.


Deep cleaning

Some deep stains, yellowing, ordinary cleaning is difficult to remove. The following methods can be well solved.


1. Alcohol cloth + sodium bicarbonate: alcohol has a good bactericidal effect and can effectively soften stains, while sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline substance with strong decontamination power. Using alcohol and baking soda to clean the pencil holder case can not only remove the dirt on the mobile phone case, solve the problem of yellowing of the iPad case, but also effectively sterilize and disinfect.

2: Toothpaste + salt: first squeeze the toothpaste on the pencil holder case, and then brush it with a toothbrush. Don't touch water during the process of brushing. Just brush the inside and outside of the protective case once, and then sprinkle a layer of salt to continue to brush. The protective case will be as new as before.

3: white wine + white wine: we prepare a basin first, then put some baking soda, some white vinegar, and some white wine in the basin, finally pour some water into it, stir it evenly, then put the Yellow mobile phone shell into it, and probably bubble for ten minutes or so, then you can take it out. It's the same as the new one.


With the above methods, I believe your pencil holder case can be well cleaned. Of course, it is necessary to choose a good pencil holder case, such as a pencil holder case from psgcase. Because it can also effectively prevent the pencil holder case from being polluted.

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