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How is the quality of the pencil holder case

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With the development of the Internet industry, the iPad has become a part of people's life. And the selection of the iPad's supporting protective shell has become a problem. There are a lot of low-quality cases on the market, but there are few good cases like psgcase. Then, let's introduce in detail how is the quality of the pencil holder case?


Bear to fall

As a pencil holder case, of course, it needs to have the performance of crashing resistance. This is also a standard to measure the quality of the pencil holder case. A good enough pencil holder case can hold a large degree of smashing, to protect the iPad. Some of them are also equipped with inflatable airbags at the four corners. In this way, the iPad can be more directly and effectively prevented from being damaged when it falls to the ground. And its material is also very important. Not every material is hard enough.


Not easy to deform

Not only should it be able to bear the impact, but also not easy to deform. This requires not only the hard rear shell but also the firm front shell. Not only the deformation of the back shell will affect the protection of the iPad, but also the deformation of the front shell will make the pencil holder case lose the function of adjusting the angle. At the same time, we should also ensure the stability of the pen slot. Because the hollow design of the pen slot is easy to be deformed by external forces, so it can't put an Apple pencil. So it needs to be very hard to avoid the external pressure of deformation. Some are not only deformed but also easily oxidized. Some pencil holder cases will turn yellow when they encounter coke, which is not beautiful. And this kind of yellowing is very difficult to be cleaned, if it can not be washed out, it should be replaced in time. It's not convenient at all. On the contrary, it's very troublesome.


Fit design

A suitable iPad case should fit the size of the iPad screen and the hole position. There is also a pen slot, which should also conform to the size of the pen. Instead of one piece higher, one-piece lower, or long or short, it greatly affects the sense of experience. Even some of the keyholes will be in the wrong direction. This kind of quality is extremely poor. Even if you can return it, you will be in a bad mood after you find it. After all, details determine success or failure. These small details often determine whether the pencil holder case is good or not.


With these characteristics, I believe the quality of this pencil holder case must be very good. With a good pencil holder case, the service life of the iPad will also be extended. And, of course, the user experience will rise. Buy a good quality pencil holder case, I believe that your iPad users will be greatly improved. So even working with the iPad will be very comfortable.

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