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How does the public evaluate this iPad Pro 11 2020?

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Apple has taken another step toward turning the iPad into a viable laptop replacement by 2020: the change of operation mode and the software for the 2020 iPad Pro.


The latter is a long-awaited feature that makes Apple's tablet more useful for work-related tasks. And the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch will be better to use as a productivity tool, which is about $1,000, in this article we will mainly talk about the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch.


Apple is positioning the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch not as a laptop replacement, but as a new computer that can do everything a traditional laptop can. In doing so, Apple's latest iPad Pro succeeds in some respects and falls short in others.


We will show the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch in three parts:


  • The Mouse and trackpad support

  • The 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch software

  • The 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch drawbacks


1. The Mouse and trackpad support


Being able to use the mouse and trackpad has been a game changer for the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch. Although the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch's software takes some work to truly replace a laptop, I didn't even consider using the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch as a daily driver until Apple added this feature.


But don't expect it to look like a mouse and trackpad on a Mac or PC. Apple tailor-made the cursor to work more smoothly with the iPad's interface. The cursor moves through the iPad's software to fit specific buttons and elements. For example, when viewing an application in split screen mode, the cursor will take the shape of a separator in the center of the screen, making it easy to display exactly.


While the computer mouse worked fine on the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch, I found the trackpad to provide a great experience. This is because you can use many of the usual gestures on the touch screen, such as swiping up with the trackpad to access the docking station. When using a mouse, I usually find myself switching between the touch screen and the mouse, and I think I can do everything I need just with the trackpad.


2. The 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch software


In recent years, Apple has added a number of features to the iPad to make 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch easier to handle work-related tasks. 


These are all useful and laudable changes, but you should still expect learning difficulties if you plan to use the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch with a Mac or PC laptop. You can't drag and drop and resize Windows on the home screen the way you would in a desktop environment, and in my experience, it's hard to get the most out of the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch display. On the contrary, if you want to work fast, it's best to have a good understanding of Apple's multitasking gestures.


Apple's Slide Over and Split View functions are the closest you'll get to this experience, but they're still different. With Slide Over, you can open an application in the sidebar and place it on the left or right side of the screen. As the name implies, Split View lets you View both applications at the same time. When two applications are running in Split View, you can also open a third application in Slideshow.


3. The 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch drawbacks


The biggest drawback of the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch is that it's expensive, and its high price makes you question whether a laptop or a cheaper tablet might be better suited to your needs.


The 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch starts at $1,000, the same price as the latest MacBook Air. That price is even higher when you add the accessories that make the 2020 iPad Pro12.9 inch so attractive.


The latest Apple Pencil costs $130, and the Apple's new Magic Keyboard costs $350 for the 12.9-inch model.


That means that even if you choose the smaller iPad Pro, even if its basic keyboard has no trackpad, you'll still be spending nearly $1,000.


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