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Estimated release time of iPad pro 11 2020 in countries around the world

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We already know that the actual iPad Pro 11 2020 release date is March 24, although the online store says the first delivery date is March 25 in the United States. You may have to wait an extra day to use a brand new iPad. For the rest of the world, the time may be a little different. If you want to get a new iPad Pro 11 2020, please ask your local dealer.


As of 2018, the iPad Pro 11 2020 will be available in two models. You can choose between an iPad Pro 11 2020 and a 12.9-inchscreen iPad Pro. In this article, we will mainly talk about the iPad Pro 11 2020.


What is the price of the new iPad Pro 11 2020? It really depends on the storage capacity to use, and LTE cellular will drive up prices.


Obviously, the new iPad Pro 11 2020 is more advanced and more expensive than the old one.


Next, we will introduce the iPad Pro 11 2020 in two ways as follows:


l The iPad Pro 11 2020 hardware

l The iPad Pro 11 2020 software


1.The iPad Pro 11 2020 hardware


The 120Hz display hasn't changed in a year and a half, but the internal speed is faster, and the camera should support more advanced augmented reality features.


With a 120Hz refresh rate, it provides a fast refresh of the display and makes games and scrolling look more fluid than the standard 90Hz screen seen on cheaper devices.


If you choose iPad Pro 11 2020, you get a resolution of 2388 x 1668. The another size iPad Pro has 2732 x 2048, and both offer 264 pixels per inch. Both come in silver or dark gray.


The bottom edge of the iPad Pro 11 2020 has a USB-C port, but there's no 3.5mm headphone jack for wired headphones. That's what Apple gave up with the iPad Pro 2018, and it didn't return the model.


For the first time, Apple has two rear-facing cameras on the iPad Pro 11 2020. One is a 12MP f / 1.8 wide camera and the other is a 10MP f / 2.4 aperture.


Apple appears to have mainly improved on the camera aspect of the iPad Pro 11 2020. For many people, this isn't a big focus, but it's for those who want to experience augmented reality on the iPad.


There is also a new feature called the LiDAR scanner designed specifically for depth sensing in iPad Pro 11 2020. This should improve portrait photography on the iPad Pro 11 2020, but is mainly used to improve augmented reality apps.


The scanner can measure the distance of objects up to five meters away. The iPad Pro 11 2020 camera can also shoot in 4K, so you can shoot footage and edit it directly on the iPad.


2. The iPad Pro 11 2020 software


There is a big change in software.


Previously, iPad products used iOS software, but last year the company split the software on its tablets into its own name. It works in much the same way, but there are some improvements that can help increase productivity.


IPadOS 13.4 is the first dedicated operating system to offer trackpad like support.


If you buy a iPad Pro 11 2020 on day one, the iPadOS 13.4 will be up and running. You can also expect to receive software updates from Apple within the next two years.


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