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Estimated release time of iPad Air 10.9 In countries around the world

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On September 15th, 2020, Apple announced the latest in its line of long-running iPad Air tablets. The company describes it as the most powerful iPad Air ever. It has a bigger screen with 10.9 in, improved camera and Touch ID, an A14 processor, and an audio upgrade.


Unlike other products announced at the Time Flies event on September 15, such as the Apple Watch SE and the standard iPad, the iPad Air is not yet available. So the estimated release time is still a mystery.


At the event, Apple said only that the new Air "will begin next month...It is listed in 30 countries and regions including the United States. That was in October.


But there's still no iPad Air from now. Hopefully, we can see the real iPad Air in 2020.


Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman said on Twitter that retailers have gotten their hands on the latest iPad Air promotional material, which means the device is likely to be available within weeks or even days.


And also, some message said that the new iPad case is ongoing.


It's speculated that the launch of the new iPad Air could coincide with the iPhone 12.


Before Tim Cook announces that the iPad Air is "available now," here's a rundown of what's going on.


We will analyze the new iPad Air in 4 ways, such as:


10.9 in screen

A14 processor




1. iPad Air10.9 In screen


The most obvious push on the Air spec list is the larger screen: 10.9 inches at most, compared with 10.5 inches on the 2019 model.


The new iPad Air is 3mm shorter and 4.4mm wider than last year's model. Oddly, the Wi-Fi version is slightly heavier, while cellular is lighter: 458 grams per 460 gigabytes, compared with 456 gigabytes per 464 gigabytes last year. We don't think you'll notice these differences.


The pixel density is the same as last year's model, at 264ppi, but due to its larger area, the resolution is higher: 2360 x 1640, compared to 2224 x1668. And there is no Promotion.


Because the screen changed, the iPad case also changes a lot.


2. A14 Processor


The 2020 10.9 iPad will use the A14 processor.


The A14 has 11.8 billion transistors, a new six-core design, a four-core graphics architecture, and a 16-core neural engine that can perform 11 trillion operations per second. In theory, this should mean a 40% increase in CPU speed and a 30% increase in graphics performance compared to the (A12-equipped) 2019 Air, but once we look at the examples, we will certainly make it all available for practical testing.


3. RAM


Apple has yet to reveal how much memory is inside the fourth-generation iPad Air (which is rarely actually discussed), but the Geekbench benchmark also shows that the iPad under test contained 4GB of RAM, compared with its predecessor's 3GB.


Presumably, the 2020 iPad Pro has 6GB of RAM.


4. Cameras


The 2020 10.9 iPad camera settings can't compete with the Pro's multi-lens Settings, but the rear camera did upgrade from 8Mp to 12Mp, and from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8. now with the Pro, though not accompanied by an ultra-wide Angle partner.


You can now get Smart HDR. Video went from 1080p of 30FPS to 4K of 60FPS; Slow motion now has a maximum of 240fps instead of 120fps. Now, the video is constantly autofocusing. Panorama increased from 43MP to 63MP. We also provide iPad Pro/Air 10.5 Case, iPad Air 4 10.9 Case, contact us now!

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