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6 Important specifications highlights of new iPad 10.8

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The iPad Air 4 has been released on Friday, October 23.


The iPad Air 4 10.9 starts at $599 with a 64GB configuration, and you can upgrade to 256GB for $150, bringing your price up to $749. LTE cellular connections cost $130 more, with prices as high as $879.


That price looks good next to the iPad Pro, but it may come as a shock to some who remember that the iPad Air 3 costs $499.


There are some specifications of iPad Air 4 10.9 that shows it worth to buy. The iPad Air 4 10.9 specifications will be mentioned as follow:


  • The iPad Air 4 10.9 Design

  • Screen

  • iPad Air 4 10.9 Touch ID

  • Professor A14

  • The audio

  • Camera


1. The iPad Air 4 10.9 design


The iPad Air 4 10.9 looks just like the iPad Pro, enough to make you think Apple just released a new color scheme for the 11-inch version of the high-end iPad.


Consider replacing the iPad Air 3 with the iPad Air 4 10.9. You can see how removing the home button from the bottom of the screen allows Apple to increase its screen size since the 10.9-inch screen is larger than the 10.5-inch panel.


Other key differences are the buttons and security measures. Apple chose to provide the iPad Air 4 10.9 with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which is hidden inside its lock button.


2. Screen


The iPad Air 4 10.9's screen is sharp, but it's likely to be brighter. Watching the 4K version of the movie, I saw a lot of details.


The iPad Air 4 10.9 produced 102.9% of the sRGB spectrum, which is lower than the 122.9% of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The average iPad is close to 97%.


3.iPad Air 4 10.9 Touch ID


When it comes to the Touch ID fingerprint-scan power button, the iPad Air 4 10.9 is almost like a merger of the iPad and iPad Pro. I don't know why Apple decided not to include the Face ID selfie camera for the iPad Pro, while the Air already has a small bezel for the iPad Pro that can fit the sensor.


The Touch ID sensor in the iPad Air 4 10.9 enables fast authentication when using Apple Pay and passwords.


4.Professor A14


The iPad Air 4 10.9 runs on the A14 Bionic chip, which has a six-core CPU and a four-core GPU, a combination that gives it a significant speed advantage on most tablets.


5.The audio


The stereo speakers on the iPad Air 4 10.9 can not only fill my small to the midsize home office but also deliver a pleasing pitch to an adjacent room.


The biggest difference between the iPad Air 4 10.9's sound and the iPad Pro's is its smart features. In landscape mode, you get a real stereo experience on the Air 4, while the iPad Pro has a quad-speaker setting that allows you to get stereo all the time, no matter where you are because it's smart enough to accommodate stereo when you set the tablet to vertical.


6.The camera


Some people will use the iPad Air 4 10.9 to take the photo as a camera. How can I put it? By offering the iPad Air with its 12-megapixel wide-angle webcam, Apple is definitely encouraging tablet photography.


The front camera can provide a clear, accurate image capture.


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