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5 Advantages of pencil holder case

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With the ages and digital adoption, more and more people have iPad. Of course, having an iPad will want to buy an Apple pencil. Many people are worried at this time. Although the capacitor pen is very good, there is no place to place it, it will be very troublesome. Buy a pencil holder case from psgcase at this time. Then, let's introduce in detail 5 advantages of a pencil holder case.


Here is the content list:

l Beautiful

l Convenient

l Adjustable angle

l Anti-bending

l Prevent bumps



A good-looking pencil holder case often makes users happy. We can change the pencil holder case at any time with the change of our mood. For example, black can calm down, yellow can make people happy, and so on. Some people say well, changing a new shell is like changing a new iPad. This is recognized by many people, and it is also very reasonable.



Apple pencil can easily be lost if stored separately. But with the pen slot pencil holder case, this problem can be solved. Travel can also be more relaxed, without a lot of shells. It is both beautiful and convenient and does not affect the hand feeling of handwriting. Getting an Apple pencil is also particularly convenient and effortless. And it has a pencil slot cover that protects Apple pencil easily.


Adjustable angle

A front of the pencil holder case can be stacked to form a pencil holder case that will iPad up. And this pencil holder case can adjust the angle, office entertainment is not wrong. There is always an angle that will suit you. For example, when watching a TV series to adjust to the visual horizon. Online hours need to adjust the angle until their face can be seen by the teacher.



iPad Pro is very easy to bend, other models iPad also. Having this pencil holder case can prevent iPad deformation very well. Besides, it can also prevent the iPad from slipping. As we all know, the iPad metal shell is very slippery, accidentally may slip. iPad slide to hit themselves is a small matter, broken iPad but the loss.


Prevent bumps

Last but not least, the most important thing to buy an iPad pencil holder case is to protect the iPad. The pencil holder case will be accurately aligned to the hole, keys, and cameras. The edge is slightly higher than the screen because of iPad the most important place on the screen. Precision protection of the most vulnerable and prominent cameras is also essential. Some good quality protective shells even installed anti-collision airbags at four corners. Although some people will think this is exaggerated, really use it will find that this is really too friendly to iPad. Can not only very effective collision iPad damage but also very light space.


These are the five advantages of the iPad pencil holder case, I believe many people have been moved. A pencil holder case is very cheap and durable, even if it is broken, it does not hurt. Better quickly buy one, let oneself carry Apple pencil more comfortable bar.

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