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3 ways to use pen case for iPad

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Now iPad has slowly infiltrated people's life. Many people have their iPad or even more than one. I'm sure you all know that the first thing you do when you own an iPad is buy a case for it. But a case can be used in different ways. Then, let's introduce in detail how to use the Apple pencil holder case?

Use it as an iPad stand

Many pencil holder cases are designed to be collapsible. The reason is that using the stability principle of triangles can form an effective point of support. That way, you can easily get a simple iPad stand. And it doesn't waste any space at all. Unfold it when not in use and it turns back into a flat, thick shell that protects the iPad's screen. In this way, whether it is watching TV series, or online class can find a suitable Angle. Instead of trying to adjust the Angle with the help of the objects on which it depends. And don't worry about the iPad falling over at any moment. It frees up your hands and relaxes your neck, which is a good place.

Use it as an Apple pencil storage box

This is what the owner of Apple pencil loved. Many people have a headache when carrying the Apple pencil and feel it is not suitable anywhere. It can get frayed if you put it in a bag. It's inconvenient to pick up in a separate box, takes up space, and is easy to lose or forget. But the pencil holder case is so convenient. It can be attached to the case, or in the pen slot, very convenient. It can even hold a nib case and other things. This is very friendly and considerate for the owners of the Apple Pencil.

Use it as an Apple pencil holder case

As a pencil holder case, its main purpose is to protect the iPad. There are a lot of poor quality protective cases on the market, which will be broken with a slight fall. Not only will it fail to protect the iPad, but it may also scratch the iPad after it is broken. The PSGcase case, on the other hand, protects the iPad. To protect the iPad from damage. Some models also have small air pockets in the four corners, which are more effective. The front shell also protects the screen from scratches caused by the debris. It's too convenient for the user.

So those are the three uses of the pencil holder case. This will help you protect your iPad and optimize your usage. People who bought the shell can use it this way. Those of you who haven't bought one should take advantage of this opportunity to buy your pencil holder case. I’m sure it won’t let you down.

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