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3 main functions of the Keyboard case

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There are a lot of kinds of iPad cases. Some have nice colors or designs, some use special material, and some have special functions.


The keyboard case is a special function case with a keyboard inside. But you may still have some questions. Don’t worry, we will help you to deal with it. This article will contain these parts:


  • Why you choose the keyboard case

  • Keyboard case keyboard function

  • Keyboard case protection function

  • Keyboard case portable function


1. Why you choose the keyboard case


The keyboard case is just one option for typing on the iPad. You can also choose a separate Bluetooth keyboard or use the device's on-screen keyboard. It all depends on how you like to use the iPad and what iPad you plan to use.


An on-screen keyboard is not an ideal choice for writing text of any length. You can do a quick Internet search or send email responses at any time, but not for regular typing.


A Bluetooth keyboard is a great addition to a tablet. They offer an experience much like typing on a Mac or PC, and when used with an iPad stand, create ergonomic Settings on your desk.


However, this setting is not portable, and the Bluetooth keyboard is not convenient for your lap.


By contrast, the keyboard case can be used on any plane, when closed, the keyboard case and the iPad will become a highly portable all-in-one device.


The best iPad keyboard case design also turns a tablet into a laptop, providing a stable typing experience on a bumpy surface.


So if you want to be more productive on the road, prefer to use your iPad outside of your desk, or want a convenient and portable keyboard accessory, the keyboard case is for you.


Now we will show you the three main functions of the keyboard case.


2. Keyboard case keyboard function


The most important keyboard case function is the keyboard function. For the keyboard case keyboard function, you need to take care of the keyboard layout and the key stroke and spacing.


  • Keyboard layout


Typing is a second-day habit for most of us, and we instinctively know where each key is located.


Make sure that the QWERTY keyboard you buy has the right keys in all the expected places. Some adjustments will be made to fit the size, but for ease of use, you want the keyboard to replicate the familiar layout.


  • Key stroke and spacing


In addition to keyboard layout, these two factors will largely determine your typing experience.


Stroke represents the distance a key needs to be pressed before a stroke can be recorded, and pitch is the distance from the center of one key to the center of the next.


3. Keyboard case protection function


One of the main selling points of the iPad keyboard case is that it doesn't require the purchase of additional cases.


Make sure the model you choose has a strong case and a firm fixture to prevent any potential damage to the equipment.


4. Keyboard case portable function


We definitely don’t want to carry too many things. And the keyboard case is very convenient, and you need to take care of the keyboard case weight and the keyboard case battery life.


  • The keyboard case weight


If you choose the keyboard case, you probably want to keep the tablet convenient and portable.


A suitcase will always add some weight to your equipment, but you need to make sure it doesn't add so much weight that it becomes too heavy to carry easily.


  • Keyboard case battery life


A Bluetooth-connected keyboard case needs to be recharged, and there's nothing worse than running out of battery power at that critical moment.


When checking battery life, be sure to evaluate actual usage. For example, most battery life is based on a few months, based on about two hours of daily use.


Of course, if you want to eliminate this problem completely, you should choose the model that uses the iPad Smart Connector.


Those three functions are very important for a keyboard case. Please contact us if you need more information about 2021 ipad case or want to get the price.

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